The Story So Far...

Since 2003, the True Deceivers have been developing their own distinctive brand of roots rock and Americana, mixing fiddles, mandolins and guitars with high energy arrangements and tight vocal harmonies, and incorporating a growing catalogue of original songs.


Their unique style has been forged from their earlier work with much loved bands such as Eat the Sofa, the Blazing Homesteads and Plenty, and this good-time feel has quickly made the True Deceivers regular favourites at festivals across the UK.

In 2019, the band released their long-awaited third album, My Own Highway, a mere seven years after the well-received Hell or High Water. They have promised that the fourth album will not be as long in coming. Mind you, that’s what they said last time…

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fROOTS Magazine - "Rootsy rock chooglin’ away in a gutsy backbeat. Time To Mend A Broken Heart and Wishing My Life Away really move".

Net Rhythms -  "Guitar chiming roots rock".

R2 Magazine -  "These guys enjoy playing the music they love".



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